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CCC VP Monthly Quiz

Check out your Ashes knowledge with our fun multiple choice quiz. Find the answers by clicking here

  1. Where is the Ashes urn traditionally kept?


 a) The Victoria & Albert Museum

 b) ICC Headquarters

 c) The Lords’ Museum

 d) The Bradman Museum

2. The Ashes began after an exciting Test Match, which ended when England chasing 85 to win, were bowled out for 77 - where was it played?


a) Lords

b) The Oval

c) Melbourne

d) Sydney

3. Who took 14 wickets for Australia in that match?


a) Tom Garrett

b) Hugh Boyle

c) Charles ‘Terror’ Turner

d) Fred ‘Demon’ Spofforth

4. In which publication did the mock obituary appear, lamenting the death of English cricket?


a) The Mirror

b) Daily Telegraph

c) The Sporting Times

d) Punch

5. Which Australian captain twice regained the ashes on his birthday?


a) Allan Border

b) Bill Woodfull

c) Richie Benaud

d) Don Bradman



6. Which England captain in 1970-71 was the first to regain the Ashes since the 1932-33 body line tour?


a) Mike Smith

b) Ray Illingworth

c) Colin Cowdrey

d) Mike Denness


7. Who captained England 32 times but never in Australia?


a) Ted Dexter

b) Mike Brearley

c) Colin Cowdrey

d) David Gower

8. Which player took 41 wickets in 11 Ashes tests in Australia but never played at home against Australia?


a) Bill Bowes

b) Bill Voce

c) Harold Larwood

d) Gubby Allen

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