Chippenham CC Membership options 2021

The Chippenham CC membership is a critical function of the club.  As well as being a major revenue stream, the number and diversity of our membership is an essential ingredient for the club when generating additional funds, through sponsorship, advertising and grants.

The club also recognise the value of being a member can vary depending on your involvement and circumstances.  Therefore for 2021 we have come up with a range of options that we hope will encourage more people to join the club. We also feel it will provide those who feel they get greater value from being involved in the club, to contribute more than a standard membership. 

The list of memberships available are below and we very much hope there is an option which allows everyone with an association to the club to join.  Instructions on how to join the club are below the membership details.


£10 pa

We know there are many people who feel an attachment to the club but for various reasons are unable to play. The non playing membership means you can still support the club with an important financial contribution and ensure you are kept up to date with everything that is happening at the club


£50 pa

This is the minimum level of membership that is expected from those aged 18 and over who wish to to play cricket at Chippenham CC in 2021. It covers all the Monday night Summer training sessions and plays a major part in covering the cost of preparing the ground for matches and maintaining facilities. Those joining for the first time also receive a club cap.


£40 pa

This is a special discounted rate to help encourage young people U10 to get involved in playing cricket at Chippenham CC


£75 pa

If you join as a family member everyone in your household becomes a member. You also receive vouchers for 50% off a meal for 4 at La Hogue and 10% off your next order at Mr Cricket. In addition, the whole family benefit from membership rates at events organised by the club.


£50 pa

This is the minimum level of membership that is expected from Juniors aged 10 years and above. It covers all the Summer Monday night training sessions and plays a major part in covering the cost on preparing the ground for matches and maintaining facilities. Those joining for the first time also receive a junior club cap.


£135 pa

You can give additional support to the club by becoming a Vice President (VP). As a VP you will receive a lunch invitation to the Presidents match at the ground in the summer. When you join you will also be sent details of an exclusive range of VP Clubwear, which is only available to Chippenham CC VPs.  As a new VP you can also choose to receive a complementary Gilet or Polo shirt from the VP Clubwear range.

How to join Chippenham CC

First check the different memberships available (above) and decide which one best suits you. When doing this please remember membership fees are a key financial income for the club. Therefore we ask you select a level that you can afford and reflects the value you feel you get from being associated with the club. In addition, the club benefits from having more members of all ages so please consider the Family Membership and Non Playing Membership so others in your household can also join the club even if they don't play. Once you have chosen your membership you need to do one of the following: 


If you are an existing member you just need to transfer your membership fee by bank transfer to the club account shown below. Please take care to add the reference  so we know you have paid.


If you are a New member or a  Parent of a new member ideally you need to attend one of the club registration days at the ground on either Sunday 21st March (10am-2pm) or 22nd March 2021 (4.30pm-7pm). On these days a club representative will take you through the registration process. 


Alternatively a new member you can apply for membership online at : http://chippenhamcc.play-cricket.com. After you have clicked on the link you need to click on ‘sign in’ on the top right of page and then when the Login page appears click on ‘New to play-cricket? Click to register’.  Then fill in and submit your details.

Once your membership application is confirmed you can transfer the money directly to the club account following the instructions on the other side of this page.

Please note: When applying for membership online only one adult can be added initially. If you have chosen Family Membership a club representative will be in touch once payment is made  to ensure the rest of your family are added to the membership.

If you have any questions regarding membership please contact Darren Hughes on 07881818047

Membership should be paid directly into the club account 

Chippenham CC Bank Details

Bank: Nat West

Account name: Chippenham Cricket Club

Sort Code: 60-15-47

Account: 44392583

Very Important: Please use  the reference below that relates to the membership you have chosen- followed by your surname. 

Non Playing member = NPM(surname)

Junior Playing member = JPM(surname)

Adult Playing Member = APM(surname)

Family Member = FM(surname)

Vice President = VP(surname)


For example FMHUGHES. This is so we know you have paid!

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