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Can you help at the Club's Christmas Market Fundraiser

As hopefully you all know by now the cricket club has taken over the organisation of The Chippenham Christmas Market, which has been running in Chippenham village church for many years and promises to be a big fundraiser for the club. The Market is very popular, which means we are looking for a lot of volunteers to help make sure everything runs smoothly. The good news is there is always a great atmosphere at the Market, so it is an enjoyable place to be and it does help you get into the Christmas spirit. This years date is Friday 1st December. We are looking for help in three ways, which are:

1. Over the next 10 days we need flyers taken to a selection of businesses in the following towns and villages: : Fordham, Red Lodge, Burwell, Newmarket, Isleham and Soham.

These are to go on counters and/or noticeboards to help remind people that the Christmas Market is coming soon. There are less than 10 businesses in each village, so it’s not a mammoth task and they have all accepted our flyers in previous years. Of course we can give you extra flyers if you think there are other businesses in your area who would be willing to take them and you are happy to talk to them about this.

If you feel you can help please let me know before next Wednesday 1st November and I will contact you to arrange dropping off the flyers.

2. We will need a lot of helpers at the event on the evening of 1st December. We have all sorts of tasks from selling tickets, preparing food & drink, taking payment and folding tickets to go into the raffle. We are looking for volunteers to work in one of the following shifts on December 1st:




You would also need to be available to drop in to the church at some point between 4pm and 8pm on Wednesday 29th November, so someone can quickly brief you on exactly what you will be doing and where, on the night of the Market. Whatever task you are asked to do, it won’t take long to explain and no one should need to be there for more than 20 minutes on the Wednesday. The event is very busy on the night, so there really isn’t any scope for explaining things on the night, hence the importance of helpers being available to come on Wednesday for the briefing.

3. At the Market the Christmas Draw takes place with a first prize of £250. The ticket sales for the draw are a big part of the fundraising, so if you think you can sell tickets at work or amongst your friends and family, please let me know and I will get some books of tickets to you. They cost £1 per ticket or £5 per book. As well as the first prize of £250 there are a number of other great gifts as well.

I hope all the above is clear but please let me know if you have any questions. Your support is really needed to ensure we make sure the event continues to be a success, so please let me know ASAP if you can help. If you can be there on December 1st, please also let me know what time slot you are able to do. You can text or call me or email the club at: I will then be back in touch to talk through things.

Best regards,


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