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1.To maintain a regular village team, and the links between the village and the club.

2. To provide a future stream of players and volunteers for the club and therefore safeguard its future.

3. To provide a safe and suitable facility for players to develop their skills and interest in the game.


1.To secure the club’s future, by increasing membership, and by raising the level of available cricket so that good players are retained.

2. To develop the junior membership of the club and field sides in league cricket at U9, U11, U13 and U15.

3. To strengthen the level of coaching available to all club members, and particularly to the juniors.

4. To introduce parents of juniors attending the coaching into the club, to help support the needed growth in the number of volunteers.

5. To strengthen members’ involvement in the club, through good communication, and through the maintaining of high standards in all club activities.

6. To maintain the ground to its current high standard, through the provision of good equipment and the training of volunteers.

7. To develop a regular income stream into the club, through sponsorship, fund-raising activities and supporters.

Tangible Outputs

1.Teams playing good cricket, enjoying their involvement, and increasingly involved in the activities of the club

2. Junior members enjoying their cricket, in pleasant and safe surroundings.

3.A place where skills can be developed with the support of qualified coaches.

4.Good feedback, from club members, visitors, parents, and from the village.

Development Plan

1.We aim to recruit and to keep good players, and to provide a spectrum of cricket, so that both good players, and those who prefer a less challenging standard, can enjoy playing for the club.

2. We will continue to develop relationships with local primary schools and encourage them to promote our coaching to the children at their schools.

3. We will keep a database of all parents who have contacted us and update them by email or text on what is happening that may interest their children.

4. We will maintain a website, that is informative and sign posts members and those interested in the club effectively.

5. We will continue to run weekly junior sessions with children as young as five joining in.  We plan to run sports camps during the school holidays for members and also to help attract new members.

6.We will promote our club and activities in the village magazine, which is published bi-monthly.


Progress will be assessed by the Club’s committee, who meet at least bi-monthly, and an annual report submitted to the AGM each November. The plan will be updated on an annual basis, in the light of these assessments.

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