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Help Needed At The Ground

On Saturday 6th April it is our Cricketforce Day, which is where we need lots of help to get all the final jobs done for the season. We have a wide range of tasks needed, many very simple, some a bit more skilled. Numbers are key to getting most of these tasks done and there will be something for all abilities and ages to do. We will be there from 9.30am to 4.30pm but if you can only come for an hour or two that’s fine as well. So please come along and support this effort on the day. Bacon rolls and other refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Here is a list of some of the tasks needing to be completed on the day:

  1. Remove damaged wire mesh fencing and posts and replace with new posts where necessary and fencing 100 mtrs from the equipment shed

  2. Clear guttering at front and rear of the Pavillion

  3. Install scaffold boards to the bottom of the hedge where cars park to stop balls being lost underneath. 

  4. Clearance of Old groundman's shed of clutter.

  5. Clean and Clear kitchen cupboards of clutter.

  6. Knock down and dispose of old equipment shed.

  7. Clear old nets near grass clippings.

  8. Re-Position and arrangement of the cricket garden.

  9. Repair benches (including a coat of stain to them).

  10. A general tidy of surplus materials, mess and tarps etc.

  11. Sight Screens re assembled.

  12. Remove old carpet from the end of the old cricket net.

  13. Grass seed where we trenched for the electric cable.

  14. Painting in a number of areas.

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