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Chippenham CC Fantasy Cricket League 2021

This season the Chippenham CC Fantasy Cricket League will be returning. Very popular with members and supporters in the late 90s, you have £55M to spend on a Chippenham XI to represent you during the season. Your team score points by tacking wickets, catches and stumpings, scoring runs and running people out. They can though also lose you points when things don’t go their way! As the Team Manager you select your team from the club's players who are registered on Play-Cricket, you can transfer players in and out during the season and strategically use them to earn bonus points.

The Fantasy League Season will start on Saturday 1st May and include all senior matches ( as long as the scorecard is entered into Play-Cricket). You can enter your fantasy team at any part of the season but you only get the players points after you entered. So best to get your team in place by 1st May.

Overall, it provides a lot of ongoing fun throughout the season. It’s £5 to enter a team with all proceeds going to club funds (Once you have entered a team you will receive a payment request via Slate). To find out more and start selecting your team click here.

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