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Chairman's Update

Dear all,

I wanted to give you an update on cricket club matters following the government announcement earlier in the week regarding the reducing of lockdown restrictions over the coming weeks and months.

The good news is it looks clear if things go to plan we have a full season of cricket ahead of us. We are working towards providing cricket training and practice facilities from 29th March. However, before being able to tell you what we are able to provide we need to wait for ECB guidance of what we can and can’t do. For your information below is the statement the ECB have issued to clubs this week:

The ECB welcomes the Government’s decision to permit outdoor grassroots cricket to return in time for the start of the 2021 season from 29th March. Cricket plays an important role in many people’s lives and helps to maintain positive mental and physical wellbeing. We are working with Sport England and the Government on each step of the Government’s Roadmap. We will issue further guidance shortly on what each step of the roadmap means for the game to support players, teams, clubs, coaches and umpires to prepare in time for 29th March.

So until we have more information we can’t commit to anything but we do plan to open the ground to cricket on 29th March with sessions for the majority of ages and abilities. The likelihood though is this will need to take place in groups of six or less and sessions will need to be pre-booked.

In addition, we have a full fixture list in place and based on the government plans we believe we should be able to start on time, our first scheduled game of the summer being 11th April.

We also expect summer club training sessions for juniors and adults to start on Monday April 12th as planned. We may have to operate with smaller groups but rest assured we will doing everything we can to accommodate everyone who wants to attend, while also providing a safe and Covid compliant environment. Again more details will follow once we have the ECB guidance.

The latest announcement does though directly affect two of our upcoming events. Our player registration day planned for 21st March at the ground will not be able to go ahead. Instead we will be doing this online and will shortly be releasing dates and times when you can book for online registration.

Secondly, we have moved our Cricketforce Day back to 3rd April to allow people to attend. Again, rather than just turn up as normal, we will need to book people into slots for this. I can’t stress enough how important your support will be on this day. We have lots to do, including creating a new ‘Cricket garden’ for the ground and lots of painting and cleaning. We have jobs for all ages and abilities so please try and support this day, even if it just for an hour or two. More details about the time slots will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.

Its great that we will be able to get the season started on time and I look forward to seeing you all at the ground over the coming weeks.

Best regards,


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