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2024 Summer Club Training times & dates

Updated: Mar 28

With the new cricket season just a few weeks away we are very much hoping to see you back at Chippenham this summer.

The Junior Team Managers and the Senior Teams Captains will be in touch over the next two weeks to confirm that you want to register for cricket at Chippenham again this summer.

If you have any friends who want to get involved then that’s fine as well. As always they will be entitled to two free taster sessions but we do need to register them before they turn up at training. To organise this they should either email the club at or contact directly one of the Captains or Team Managers.

Here is all the info and dates you need to know with regard to the new season getting underway:

The 2024 summer training sessions start in the first week after the Easter holidays at the following dates and times. 

School Years 1 & 2: Kwik Cricket from Monday 15th April - Monday 29th July -5.15pm-6pm & All Stars training Sundays 9.30am-10.30am 12th May-30th June.

School Years 3 & 4: Monday 15th April - 19th August 5.15pm-6.15pm.

School Years 5 & 6: Monday  15th April  - 19th August 5.15pm-6.25pm.

School Years 7 & 8: Monday 15th April  - 19th August 6.30pm-7.45pm. 

Senior players & School Years 9-11: Monday 15th April  - 19th August 6.45pm-8pm.

Girls only hardball training School Years 6,7 & 8 Thursday April 18th - August 22nd 6pm-7pm.

Ladies Training ( including Girls in school years 9-11) From Thursday April 18th - August 22nd 7pm-8.30pm

Please note 2024 Membership will be due on 15th April. For more information on the membership options including how to pay please click here. Vouchers for Mr Cricket and La Hogue Cafe will once again be included in the Family Membership package.

The first matches for senior sides will be over the weekend 16/17th. We are still waiting for confirmation of dates for junior league matches but they are expected to start during the first week of May. All fixtures can be viewed on the fixtures page of the website

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