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Information for playing cricket with Chippenham during Covid-19 restrictions

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We look forward to welcoming you to Chippenham Cricket Club. Due to the current Covid crisis we do though need to make you aware of the measures we have put in place and the support we require from you, to ensure cricket activity can go ahead at the ground. Please read carefully the information below so you know what to expect and the conditions under which activity is allowed to take place. ​Anyone who is unable to operate under the terms listed below will be asked to leave the ground. Please also be aware that by leaving your home to play and practice cricket does create an increased risk of you coming into contact with someone with the virus. Therefore it is important that you follow the guidelines to protect yourself and others.

Before Coming to the club 

  1. You should only visit the site if you and all household members have been free of any Covid type symptoms for the previous 10 days. 

  2. Familiarise yourself with the latest government guidelines with regard to social distancing.

  3. Changing facilities are now available but only 3 people can be in the changing area at one time so we advise coming to the ground wearing the clothes you will be participating in.


Upon Arrival at the club. 

  1. On arrival all those attending must register using the QR code and/or be regstered in by the organiser of the event at the designated registration zone. 

  2. All those attending the ground will be asked to maintain social distancing and asked to use hand sanitiser after touching equipment.


During the Session/Match at the club 

  1. People attending practice sessions/matches who are not participating in the activities should not gather in more than groups of thirty.

  2. We are not currently providing teas at matches, thus players must bring all they need in the way of food and drinks. 

  3. During the practice session/match social distancing guidelines must be maintained. Please read the ECB guidance by clicking here to understand what this means during practice and matches.

  4. If it rains during a session, players must return to their cars for shelter as the Pavilion will not be able to accommodate everyone while maintaining social distancing. 


After the session concludes. 

At the end of the practice/match session players are asked to ensure they take all their belongings with them 


The club will ensure: 

  1. Those coaches and captains leading activities are clear on the ECB and Club protocol and will ensure it is enforced. 

  2. That appropriate signage is in place to help those attending understand the rules and navigation points. 

  3. Will ensure the emergency toilets and touch points are cleaned regularly. 

  4. Full records of those attending are kept for track and trace reasons. 

  5. Ensure that normal safeguarding standards are maintained.


Before Arrival

  1. Only attend if you have received confirmation that you are selected to play. 

  2. If you or anyone in your household displays Covid-19 symptoms or your household is currently in isolation do not attend and inform your team captain or Manager as soon as possible.

  3. Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after use of the facility.

  4. Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible. If this isn’t possible wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after visiting the club.

  5. Arrive at the opponents cricket ground in your cricket clothing.

  6. Ensure you read any specific instructions provided by your captain/manager regarding the restrictions and procedures in place at the ground you are playing.

  7. Bring your own playing equipment.

  8. Bring your own food and filled drinking bottles.



  1. Please arrive at the ground within the timeframe provided by your captain/manager. 

  2. When you arrive at the ground enter the ground slowly and take care to identity and familiarise yourself with any processes the host club has in place. Ensure you follow the instructions from the host club’s Club Representative.


While at the ground

  1. Avoid touching as much as possible whilst on club premises and use cleaning stations whenever available.

  2. Follow instructions on signage displayed and adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times.

  3. Take care to ensure you do not leave private property behind.



During the Game

  1. As always, the health and safety of participants is paramount – please ensure when using the facilities you minimise the risk of injury (wear helmets, pads etc). As well as response times being delayed this is vital to avoid any additional stress on the NHS.

  2. During the practice session/match social distancing guidelines must be maintained. Please read the ECB guidance by clicking here to understand what this means during practice and matches.

  3. If there is a rain break you must return to your vehicles


After the game

If within 7 days of using the facilities you develop any Covid-19 symptoms please notify the club and NHS test and trace.